Purple Cosmic Space - 6 Speed WRX Japanese Engraving - 6 Speed WRX Fitment

All 6-Speed WRX Shift Knobs are designed to replace the oem shift knob and to have full reverse lockout functionality.

These custom anodized shift knobs are truly one-of-a-kind. Each shift knob is polished to a mirror finish before anodizing. During the anodizing process, all color combinations are done by hand using an intensive technique. The anodizing process builds a strong layer making the shift knobs extremely durable and scratch resistant.

Shift patterns and logos are permanently marked using a laser engraver.

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Sphere: 175 grams
Lightbulb: 200 grams
Short Teardrop: 200 grams
Tall Teardrop: 250 grams
Piston: 175 grams
Sledge: 350 grams
Hybrid: 500 grams (features a weighted stainless steel core)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Evan Zavatone
Cosmic Goodnesses

Fit perfectly and looks great in the WRX especially with the matching brake handle!

Great Gift Idea

Bought one for my sister's wrx subaru she just bought a month ago. Going to buy her another one for her 350z along with a new shiftboot. Great quality product.

Nick S
Worth every penny!

The shifter I ordered the tall teardrop purple cosmic with Japanese gear indicator writing and the wrx logo. It replaced the weighted STi branded one that came with the car. The overall height is slightly taller than the stock (roughly half an inch) and the weight is around 50 grams heavier. I was amazed at how much better shifts felt just with the new knob. Engagement felt so much more satisfying and solid. I like the added height to, as I think it makes the shifter a bit more comfortable. (I have a 19 WRX with the STi short shifter). The color looks every bit as awesome as the pictures, and the Japanese numbers give it a unique look. If you want to spend a little extra cash and get a lot of enjoyment, I would for sure recommend one! The only downside is not a fault of quality, but by nature the metal gets pretty cold in the winter, although your hand warms it up it about ten minutes of contact. So just be aware of that if you live in a cold climate.

Kevin M.

It fits perfectly, and looks amazing. A little cold in the winters but it's worth it

Armin Ibrahimovic

Really good quality and it’s not abnormally big it’s literally perfect size, I was worried the sphere would be too big but it fits in my hand perfectly, the instal was annoying but I can definitely say user error for that. I really recommend their shift knobs