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Fantastic Customer Service and Shift Knob

I ordered the wrong shift knob and contacted CS. After giving them the deets on my car, we figured out what would fit and they changed my order. Shipping was fast, and the Billetworkz Cosmic Red shift knob looks amazing in my car!


I’ve had the weighted shift knob, brass bushing, and shift stop for a few months now, which felt great, but this made it perfect. The weighted knob feels so much better with this. The throw is way shorter and the gears feel much closer together. Wish I would have done this when I upgraded the rest of it a long time ago.

Just what I needed!

The parts were just what I needed at a reasonable price! Outstanding customer service team! I noticed an error in the order confirmation notice. I contacted the customer service team and they corrected the issue before the parts were shipped. Thanks!

Boot Retainer - Black
Tim Puckett
Quality Products Manufactured with Integrity!

Amazing high-quality products. Love my gloss black weighted shift ball, and the retainer pulls it all together by closing the gap between the bottom of the knob/top of the boot. It took a few weeks to get shipped out. However, this was a GOOD thing. They manufactured several runs that did not meet their level of expectations. I really love when a company takes pride in their products. Making sure everything is right for their standards and for their customers is top-notch; shows great integrity. Would definitely recommend.

Holy smokes

I was worried that the throw experience would too short with a shift plate installed already but it's actually perfect. Install was super straightforward. with the right tools. Would be nice if height was adjustable as I actually didn't mind the stock height but perhaps its the physical length of the lever that also shortens the throw?

Nice Plate Delete

I ordered a custom plate delete and it’s been great. I get a lot of complements, even just filling up at the pump. There didn’t seem to be a selection for my GR86 as far as predrilled screw holes. Mine are 10 1/2” on center. I just removed the entire mounting bracket, opted for no holes and used 3M double sided tape and it works great. The edges of the plate are a bit rough so my wash mit and drying towel snag on it.

Shift Knob Hoodie - Batman
Jacqueline Nieves
Shift Knob Hoodie - Batman

My boyfriend loved it, thank you !!

Shift Knob Hoodie - Si
Nicholas Crets
Good product

Shipped fairly quickly and products are fairly priced and great quality

Shift knob

Product arrived fast. Honestly I was amazed of the quality of the shift knob. This is definitely no cheap product. I'm also happy the color was exactly the same in the pictures. This was very important to me I wanted it to match my brake calibers which it did. Exact match!

Just what I needed

Perfect fit on my GTi. Had to find slightly larger screws and paint them, but the plate was flawless and was just tall enough to cover the original front plate mount holes.

Sphere shift knob review

This is the most I’ve spend on a shift knob and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of the product.

For starters, the sphere knob weighs slightly more than the OEM ND shift knob which is a bonus for me. It feels extremely confident to throw it around. Second is the material quality which is CRISP. I feel like I could chuck this thing at the ground and it’ll dent the ground and not scratch the surface. 10/10 worth the price.

Awesome quality

Great quality. Will definitely buy again for a new car.

Shift Knob Hoodie - Coyote
Matthew Fowler
Love it!

Great little accessory for the car. Looks good and gets lots of attention when people see it for the first time!

Custom Hoodie.

Delivered as promised.

Looks great!

Not just look great but the felling while driving and shifting is awesome!

Genesis Coupe shift knob

The extra weighted knob makes smooth shifting also looks great

So stupid I love it

It’s a little hoody for my shift knob. It’s nothing crazy but I can’t help giggling every time I look at it. It’s well made and does its job well

80's Kid Shift Boot
Adam Mashburn
Wrong decade but it's great.

It's great I love it but the design didn't come out till the 90s.

Boot Retainer - Red
Nicholas Suvanto
Shift knob

I purchased a white round shift knob and red retainer. Awesome quality and fitment. Love the weight of the new knob.

Best shift knob :)

I own several different brands of shift knobs and this one has to be my favorite one hands down. I own a Golf so I needed the threaded adapter and I love that it’s flush with the stock shift knob rod. I let the adapter show more than I think most people would without hiding it with the shift boot, but I like the industrial look heh. The knob itself is a perfect weight and feel and it will be the knob I use for the foreseeable future!

Shelby gt350 shift knob

Excellent product! Fast shipping and the shift knob is really well made and feels great in your hands, definitely is a new driving experience fir sure.

Custom GT350 knob

Great quality product with good hardware making install super easy and secure!

Bad Ass Shifter!!!

Much more than I expected! My fellow co-workers also thinks the shift ball is bad ass. Just wish you had more items for Hondas. But still the quality is bar none! Also love the little hoodie.

"WRX" Plate Delete
Antonio Dimambro
Excellent Quality

It fits well (on a 15 WRX) as mentioned and is a super high quality metal. I was super impressed with the quality. Looks way better than a license plate!

Absolutely Awesome

I was unsure about the short shifter just bc I didn’t know how much a difference it would actually make and the install looked like a little bit of a pain in the ass, and while it was kind of a pain to install, it is so so so worth it. The car feels a million times better.