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Cleans it up

This shift stop is a "must have". Combined with a weighted shift know and brass bushing, my WRX shifter feels perfect. My wife, this being her first manual, said it best: "Wow, this is WAY better".

The gesture I give family members when they ask why I bought this car

Does your family question your financial stability because of the car you drive? This is the plate for you. If you are looking for the best quality delete out there that can both show your fun lack of concern for good financial decisions with this shrug guy plate! The only one I would replace this with is the “I’m never going to financially recover from this” plate if the cost of gas keeps going up and I end up swapping to E85. 10/10 recommended ordering a front plate delete from Billetworkz!


I have the OEM short throw shifter and the throw was still a bit too long. Picked up the shifter plate and bushing from Billetworkz. Now it is perfect. Throws are crisp and short. Not any more difficult to get into gear at all. I have purchased several items from Billetworkz now. Every product has superior craftsmanship and quality. Thank you Billetworkz.

Simply Amazing

I was blown away by the quality of both the shift knob and the shift knob beanie. I had a vision for the shift knob and Billetworkz delivered. Amazing products and even better customer service.

Custom license plate delete

I got the front license plate delete done by them, it looks great! Super happy with the way it came out, makes me feel like my WRX is truly my own!

Custom Titanium shift knob.

Billetworkz delivered on literally every possible front. The fit, finish, and build quality is second to none. The shift pattern and logo are engraved perfectly. The burnt titanium is 100% authentic and gorgeous. Their customer service is honest and transparent and very helpful. 10/10 couldn't be happier.

Looks Awesome

Arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Fits perfectly and looks awesome. Very well made. I was expecting wind noise when driving but nothing. A little pricey compared to other cheaper made vents but well worth the price.

Fozzy plate delete

Received my plate within a quick timeframe. Super easy to install, and it makes my forester look oh so good. The plate itself seems really strong and will last a long time

Love my shift knob. Very high quality and exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

5 stars

Worth every penny. Everything fit perfect on my 2011 Subaru Forester and the craftsmanship is amazing.


Worth every penny and looks just so cool in your car. Always gets noticed when someone hops in my car! LOVE IT!

WRX Short Shifter - 2015+ WRX - Red Cosmic Space

Not a Proper Fitment or Stitching

To be honest, the shift boot was too tall for the gear stick and not wide enough to place onto the trim. The stitching started tearing right away.  It’s a bummer because I really like the look, but it does not fit properly nor was it stitched strong enough.


You can tell they take pride in their job and product. Very happy with my weighted shift knob. Looks and feel great!


I love it. Shifting feels much more comfortable and classy now.

Outstanding workmanship

Great color, laser etching, and weighting.

Best shift knob

I ordered this not too long and I can honestly say you guys did a great job on it and I love it so much. The first thing is I really like the nice weight to it and the engraving of the STI logo which goes with the car. The install is fairly easy but getting it to look straight is tricky if you’re not too picky about being perfect I
But I am so it took time but the adjustment wasn’t I just wanted it to look super straight. I had doubts at first but you guys are awesome.

It's Dope

Well what can I say? It's awesome it fits well, it look really really good the pictures they have online don't do it justice! It's great thanks guys


Only the top of the shift knob beanie is slightly padded giving a little protection from the heat or cold. The rest of it is thin and doesn’t fit the whole teardrop shape like it says it does on the website

So cozy

Thanks for listening to the people and making the shift knobs multi seasonal.

Wish i could give negative stars.

Shift boot came ripped, quality of the product is absolute garbage. Should be $9.99 at most. I emailed stitch boots and she accused me of ripping it myself. After fighting for a week she finally said to send it back and would replace it. 6 days after returning jt and countless emails i asked for and update and she responded with “i was gonna make your new one today but if your gonna be a dick im not making it.” Waste of time and money. Found much nicer ones from a local supplier for half the price.

Beanie life

I have to say I'm very satisfied with this product. I've been using the shift knob beanie to make this ice cold barrable while driving and it works perfectly. It's well made and a good fit.

Shift Knob Beanie

Excellent product! After a week of use, ive thoroughly enjoyed using this to save my hand from the super cold knob. Luckily the warmer weather is on its way so ive been able to drive around with it off. It takes some effort to get it on but thats ok because once its on, its a super snug fit.

Very nice cover!

Fits nice and snug, and keeps my shift knob from getting to hot or cold.

Huge difference from oem

My oem shift knob on my wrx hatch was just the duracon molded plastic so going to the weighted hybrid made a huge difference in how the shifting feels. Much smoother feel and feels like it goes into gear easier. Very please with the function and overall feel of the knob itself