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Candy Blue Weighted
Anthony Guillen
Candy blue

Love the shifter it has a great feel and looks amazing in my Corolla will definitely suggest your product to someone in the market. Also wanted to say that their customer service is on point
and they took care of me when a had a bit of a hiccup, if I may suggest one thing and that is for the shifters that need an adapter or any additional parts to have a smooth install YPU guys should have a pop up window at check out giving suggestions on parts needed in addition so they may be purchased all at once. Over all great product!!!
2020 Toyota Corolla SE

Perfect White Piston

Beautiful Finish. Perfect Size. Came with 2 thread adaptors. I’d buy another one.

Exactly what I was hoping for.

The customized shift knob that I ordered got delivered on time and came with the necessary pieces to put it on. It looks exactly how I wanted it to and is high quality.

Fantastic Shift Knob

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Customer service, shipping, and quality of product. The knob was custom, and weighted. Installation was easy, it feels amazing in the hand, and looks lovely.
Thanks to the whole team over at BW!!!

Custom Titanium Shift Knob

This shift knob looks great, feels great, and was very easy to install. I would recommend this brand to anyone!


Incredibly easy to install. Amazing quality and beautiful design. Worth every penny and adds that extra pizazz to my mustang!

Nice upgrade to the stock knob

Love the weight and feel of the shifter knob but, damn does this thing get hot as hell on a summer day. That is the only problem I have with it. It's almost too hot to touch at times.


2020 BRZ Short Shifter - easy install, shifts Great, looks Fantastic.

Custom Engraved Plate Delete
Shemar Mitchener

It a perfect fit for my car and definitely will be getting more from you guys. If you want to how it look check out my gram @graphic_vq.r

Red Cosmic Space - 6 Speed Japanese Engraving - ST/RS Fitment from our store Billetworkz

Great fitment, gets hot in the summer but thats to be expected, other than that its a great shift knob, would and will be buying from billetworkz again.

Great Design and Product! - Used Additional Taping to Keep Secure

Product shipped and delivered in time and was very quick.

Installation was straight forward, however we did need to add some additional taping as the self-tightening feature of the bolts included did not flush against the STI bumper, resulting in the delete hanging slightly tilted.

Awesome Gift!

My girl loved it and the fact it came with the correct pieces for the bumper was perfect!

"Shrug Guy" Plate Delete

Great, easy to install product

Shufter feels amazing, great addition, excellent craftsmanship.

Love it!

I absolutely love the look of these and already got a lot of compliments. After adding some tape like the description said everything fit perfect and no free spin. The shipping was incredibly fast which was a plus. You got my business for sure.


Awesome and nice weight to it—Lightbulb

Nearly perfect

Bought this for my 21 WRX. Was looking for a knob that retained the feel and ergonomics of the stock shift knob, with added weight and a more premium fit and finish. Prior to the release of the Fusion, the only other products that fit the bill were Raceseng knobs, which while highly reviewed were also very expensive. Thankfully, Billetworkz came to the rescue with this knob, which, while still costing a premium, provides a great value for the price. The look, heft and feel (I went with leather over Alcantara) are just perfect for the OEM+ theme I'm looking for with my interior upgrades. The ergonomics are wonderful as well - every shift is pure pleasure with this knob installed. My only real gripe is that it's not completely temperature resistant. The metal portions are hot to the touch when you return to your car after it's been sitting on a hot day, and while the leather does a decent job of staying cool, it can still be a pain to use until the knob cools off. The pros more than outweigh this con, however. If you're looking for a premium feeling shift knob with impeccable craftsmanship, this knob is what you want.

Love it

It’s an amazing shift knob it fits perfectly in your hand and it’s an amazing color. The only downside is how extremely cold it gets in the winter but that’s a given xD

Mucho Thanks!

After getting scammed and screwed by Anarchy Motive (HE IS A SCAMMER DO NOT ORDER FROM HIM. REVIEWS AND BBB SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES), I reached out to this lovely place. The owner wasted no time in getting in touch with me and within a week, I had the custom shift knob that I wanted! I had been waiting 6 months with the other dude, who refused to fulfill my order or refund my money. I will send all my car people and customers (I sell cars) straight to Billetworkz! Thanks for being an ethical company and treating your customers right!


These engine bay caps look so good. Definitely recommend them if u want to change up engine bay.

Quality Shift Knob

I have not yet installed the shift knob in my car since I am still waiting on delivery from Subaru, but the finish and quality speak for themselves. It has a good weight to it that will no-doubt make shifting feel fluid and effortless. Plus, the shape has an old school JGTC/rally racing car look that I was looking for. I’m psyched to get it in once the car arrives.

i like it

not only does it give my interior some flair but it also makes shifting a lot smoother in terms of how i grip the shifter and shift into gears. Might even order another one in the future!

Great weight really smooths out the shifts I have a short shifter and solid bushings it’s still feels mechanical plus it looks good against the all black interior 10/10 would recommend

GT350/R Shift Knob
Michael Johnson
Great shift knob!

Love the feel of this versus the oem knob. Looks fantastic. Quality is amazing. Easy to install.

Dope plate delete

The rising stars delete is rad.....the quality unrivaled, and to showcase the origins of Subaru is very cool. I'm too happy with my purchase