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Shift knob

Extremely happy with my purchase. Arrived sooner than expected. No problems what so ever with installation, the way it turned out, or how it feels. No blemishes or scratches on the product when it arrived either. 10/10 would recommend the product and the company to anyone.

Looks Good

Looks good, only gave it 4 starts because if you don’t pull the handle quick enough the button will not work like intended and you have to manually push the button out to lock the e brake.

Beautiful Shift Knob

Absolutely stunning shift knob. I went with brushed titanium with Japanese engraving for my 2013 Crosstrek. It’s the knob I wanted for my Evo so I figured I might as well enjoy it. Not too much weight difference from the stock knob but it feels incredible. It made me excited to drive my car.

Cool Add On!

This matches my shift knob/short shifter setup perfectly!


Just arrived yesterday, installed today. I’m impressed with the quality and it looks so nice! Feels good in the hand, too. I partly got it because I wanted to try a heavier shift knob but was surprised at the weight of the stock knob when I took it off. Weighed it: 200g vs the new (tall teardrop) knob at 250g. So probably not a noticeable difference weight-wise, but it feels so nice in my hand! I’m installing a short-throw shift plate, brass bushing, and shift stop next week—the knob was meant to be icing on the cake—so I’m really looking forward to the upgraded shifting experience, visually represented by the racing heartbeat shift motif!


Got this in black with a custom knob and I love how smooth and secure this adapter feels. Works like a dream and much better than the stock push button setup.

Absolutely incredible

Love the shape and weight of the sledge knob. The color is perfect and matches the plaid interior VERY nicely. Install was super easy with the YouTube video and the DSG adapter is super solid and functional. Love it all! Might just buy another knob in case I want to switch it up 🤔

Installed in 2015 BRZ

The installation was easy and only took about 35 minutes. Very satisfied with performance and reduction of throw over the stock shifter. Would highly recommend this product.

Awesome product

Got black with red splash to match my cars colors and it looks and feels amazing. Functions well. The piston shape is the perfect size for me. Zero complaints I absolutely love it. Beautiful edition to the daily.

Solid product.

The shift stop came with the screws needed to install. Great price.

Great Quality!

Top notch parts quality. Shifting feels awesome now, AFTER a small modification to stop it from rubbing on the dust cover.

Be aware, you MAY have to trim the plastic clip on the end of the shift cable or hammer out the dust shield under the car to stop the two from rubbing. This isn’t a big deal, but it’s bot mentioned anywhere I’ve seen on Billetworkz’s site/instructions

Just what I was looking for!

The billetworkz short shifter for the 22+ Brz and Gr86 is exactly what I was looking for to give my shifts the short crispy feel I was after. During installation I discovered a newfound hatred for snap rings, but other than that I had no issues. Build quality is fantastic and I would definitely buy again.

A nice touch for my new ride

I recently bought the cosmic purple wrx hybrid shift knob, I loved the look and feel so much I decided to get the matching e brake/drift button. Billetworkz makes quality stuff, thanks guys!

Love my orange!

They really look great and fit on my crosstrek perfectly. Recommend to all my friends. Billetworkz has great quality products.

Quality is definitely a 100! Fast shipping too!

Weighted custom knob

This is my 4th billetworkz knob, hands down the best quality and the 3 different shapes I’ve tried they all feel great. I’m a huge fan of the lightbulb knob and recently ordered a 5speed all white gloss knob with the retro Nismo logo on it. Hands down my favorite knob and it’s in my 92 240sx coupe. Go with billetworkz you won’t regret it

Subaru Auto CVT Adaptor
Oscar Talavera

Very happy with the quality of and feel of the shifter. Definitely buying shifters for my other 3 Subies.

Great product and awesome customer service.

Shnickety Shifter Bliss

2017 Golf R. I hemmed and hawed about replacing the stock shift knob due to price and wondering how much of a difference could it really make. I took advantage of the Labor Day sale and bought a Fusion with the engraved 6 speed diagram and Alcantara. I must admit to being a bit apprehensive about installing it but the instructional video helped and it ended up not being a big deal. The weight of the shifter is truly a great thing compared to stock and shifting is a joy. The jury is still out for me on Alcantara and wonder if I should have purchased leather. It seems a bit more slippery than I expected but not totally sure yet.

WRX 15+ Short Throw Shift Kit

Installed on 2019 WRX. Pretty smooth install, utilizing lift ramps. You'll appreciate all the work, once its done. Like others have said. Smoother shifts, way more confidence in getting in the correct gate. Gates feel tighter. The shift slop is gone. IMHO, worth the time & money as an initial upgrade. Safe Motoring!

1 word: Mint

I have an 05 Forester, which billetworkz technically doesn't make a handle for, but with a little modification we were able to make the WRX handle work. The hyper teal matches PERFECTLY to Perrin's. It was my main concern since i have quite a few perrin pieces under the hood and wanted to make sure the colors matched. One more thing i wanted to note was the customer service. I emailed a question in, and received a response promptly. It was exactly the information i was looking for, kind and courteous. i was so happy with the service and product quality that i purchased the engine bay cap set the day i received my handle. Very happy, will buy again!

Short throw shifter kit - 2015-2022 wrx

Wonderful kit, very smooth

Shifter Stop - 2015-22 WRX
Gregory Phelan
no more sloppy shift play

your product is great easy and simple install with slight adjustment . it’s like a new car all over again

"Shrug Guy" Plate Delete
Andrew Gervasio

"Shrug Guy" Plate Delete

It does the stuff

It's weighted, it's hyper teal. It does all the things it says it does. 5 stars all around as Billetworkz always knocks it out of the park.