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Love Love Love

Absolutely in love with my new shift knob. Love the weight and it’s soooo pretty in the sunlight. I even bought matching vinyl to cover up the carbon fiber so it all matches on the interior!

2015+ subaru wrx Short throw shifter kit with 3in extender and shift knob

Ordered the entire kit..the shifter the plate and a 3in extender with a shift knob
..the extender was only because I'm taller and don't like reaching so low from the short throw being very very short lol but it doesn't lengthen the throw and if anything makes it even easier to shift because now I have more leverage...all in all the shifter and plate made a huge difference over the stock oem short throw for the 15+wrx...but after I also added the weighted shift knob and the extender...holy I dnt even have to try to get into 1st gear it slides in like butter...used to be I couldn't always manage to get into 1st unless I went into 2nd then into 1st but now; now it doesn't matter....still engaging feeling but yet so smooth..and the colors are amazing as well....10/10 would recommend...

Installed it myself in my driveway...took all day cuz the pin doesn't like to come out..also needed a stronger drill thst could handle the torqued bolts ok the transmission support brackets but otherwise pretty smooth.

Love it!

Got this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Super high quality. Good weight to it! Got the climate control caps too (also awesome)

Boot Retainer - Black
Keano Paige
Thank u

I love it


Looks good, not gonna lie I underestimated the trouble the e-brake boot was gonna be

Free ___ Rides

It speaks for it self.

Feels so much better and definitely looks better too but I wish my boot would sit snugged like it did with the oem one

Easy install, great fitting and looks amazing

Quality, Aesthetic

Amazing quality, phenomenal aesthetic improvement over my STI Type R shift knob, and my custom ordered knob only took 1 and 1/2 weeks to get to my door. Awesome job guys!

Custom Engraved Plate Delete
Christian Jimenez
Guys did an amazing job!

I got "WRX Killer" customized for my plate. Great job guys, Mitsu and Subi FTW.

Terrific product

Bought a shift knob and a boot retainer both in purple cosmic and it met all my expectations and then some, will be back again

Great shift knob for my Veloster N

Would've been nice if the threaded part on the adapter had common threads to allow for other knobs but other than that I'm really satisfied with my purchase.

Perfect *Chefs Kiss*

My Cobalt SS's shift knob was horrible. This new knob looks great, and feels great. It also works with the factory reverse lockout. 10/10, would buy again.

Custom Engraved - Titanium Knobs
341 Cosey St Trinkley
Amazing craftmanship!

Absolutely love this! Will be ordering more :)

Zombie Shift Boot
Joshua Smith
Great quality, fit could have been better.

Very cool design made from quality material. I did have to modify the reverse lockout slightly on my Ford Fiesta ST. The top of the boot did not want to fit properly without cutting about 1/8" inch off of the very top of the reverse lockout.

Looks great - Great quality

I love how it looks on my 2020 Subaru WRX. With the Subaru logo above, it looks like a starry night over mountains and a forest. Very cool.

Rainbow sparkle - 6 speed si

Amazing product! No issues with product or shipping.

What an amazing looking addon!

Looks sooo awesome in my subaru! It really give the perfect splash of color!

Glad I went with it

The quality is great, and the finish is amazing. The install was simple. The shift knob is comfortable, and the red accents the red stitching on my 21 wrx.

"Shrug Guy" Plate Delete
Daniel Mendelsohn
Is good πŸ‘

Very nice. Happy with product.

Not worth your money

Paid $220 for plastic rivets, and the bottom end to stick out and not lay flush. Not to mention an 1/8” gap at the bottom of the vent when the window meets. Expected better quality for the money I spent on it.

Super easy install, great weight, looks and feels so much better than stock st knob

Awesome work

I love the new knob I got for my subie!!!

Great quality shift knob at a good price.

Shipping was fast, price is very reasonable for the quality of product you receive. Would definitely recommend this product.

Black Suede Shift Boot
Chuck Schmidt
Looks great!

Great looking shift boot. Only complaint was the install was a bit of a struggle with the square 95 Nissan shifter area, but the team was super helpful in guiding me on how to install it. Loved the support!