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The finish is super smooth and eye appealing

Looks awesome 🥵🥵

Looks great 😌😌the price is allitle to high but it’s definitely worth it!!! If u want to pop out in the crowed

Looks great!

Worth it

Feels get and isn’t heavy. Better then my old one, with this one I feel the difference in a good way

"Mountains" Plate Delete
Austin Pstrag
Excellent product

Everything fits like it’s supposed to and is clean!!! They really did their homework when it comes to fit and finish. Love it!

Fits 2018 Kia Forte sedan

Bought these for my boyfriend nervous they didn’t fit, and they do pretty well! They fit without adjustments needed but we might sand down one of the corners a little for a perfect fit. Worth the money, they are really good quality!

Custom Engraved - Weighted Knobs
Ernesto Escobar Jr

Very amazing, I’m very satisfied and pleased with the shift knob! The design and color is better than what I expected and the weight is really nice when shifting gears. I have been recommending your company to all my friends, I hope they give you business!


Really sets a new vibe inside the car, love it

Amazing quality - Love!

I am very happy with the quality and craftsmanship of this shift knob.
I went with the cosmic red lightbulb shape with the Japanese engraving for my pure red - black interior 2019 WRX. Has some good weight to it and shifting feels even smoother now than it did with my stock knob.
I did reach out to billetworkz with some questions prior to placing my order and I received speedy and thorough response from them. Once I placed my order was very surprised to receive it within a few days. Install was not difficult, a couple minutes and I was all set.
Top notch service and high quality products!

"WRX" Plate Delete
Kevin Brown

Love it!

GT350/R Shift Knob
Adam Aljaari

I love it very heavy and it had a great grip the quality professionally done thanks guy’s. I wish if there’s phone number to contact you guy’s it will be faster then the chat


Excellent product, way shorter shifts then stock. When paired with their shift stop it really tightens up the feeling of the shifter. Highly recommend!

The absolute BEST driver feedback modification

Installation was actually a lot easier than I originally thought. Unfortunately my shifter assembly had a stuck bolt right at the very end. With perseverance I eventually got it and was glad I kept at it. The shifter plate roll pin is without a doubt the most challenging. For the easiest removal and install of the shifter plate I highly recommend letting the car cool down as much as possible. 3/16 - 1/4” punch is needed. Ensure it’s a minimum of 8-10 inches long, and of quality as you’ll need to beat on it. This is subarus factory assembly. Punch went in a lot easier than coming out.


Installed relatively easily. I suggest putting a mark on the bolt with a sharpie to help center the threads without taking the knob on and off every time you want to check. Fantastic product :)

Awesome shift knob

Aside from the design not being as cosmic as I’d like and getting kinda hot in the sun it’s a pretty great accessory to my 16 Kona ST

Shifter Plate - 2015+ WRX
Edrian Fernandez

Added this with the short throw and wow driving experience is on a different level!

"Subaru" Plate Delete
Maachah Liebler

Top notch product and looks amazing on!

Nice touch

The plate turned out very very nice and very professional looking. Looking to get another one made already.

Gear knob riser

Awesome quality. Suits the rest of the shift assembly perfectly. The look and functionality is exactly what I wanted!

Hand brake lever

Looks so good. Feels so good and high quality.

Weighted Gear Knob

So awesome! High quality, feels great in the hand. Makes shoring gears a luxury.

A nice accent to the interior

These look great, and I had absolutely perfect fitment on a 2021 WRX. No sandpaper or tape needed.

Plate looks fantastic

Very stoked with how this turned out. Included mounting hardware worked perfectly!

Overall Pretty Good

The sledge is bigger than I thought it'd be, but it feels great to shift with. If you have small hands I would avoid getting the sledge as it might be difficult to grip. The engraving is a little off center, but it's not that noticeable. 9/10 would buy again.

Very nice shift knob

Love the feel and look of the torched/burnt titanium knob color. Only gripe is that if it comes into contact with any metal (keys, rings, etc) it will permanently scratch the knob. user beware