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Candy Red Weighted
Nathan Rheaume

Solid piece of art buy it now

Be careful what you wish for

If you wanted:
Short stick height? ✅...don't smash your finger between the knob and ebrake in 2nd!

Short throws? ✅ The shortest, except now it takes 300 lbs of pressure to put it into each gear

Eliminate slop? ✅ Have fun finding neutral.

At least the vibration is gone! 😂

Weighted shift knobs

Best place for a custom weighted shift knob

worth it 👌

it was way more of a project then I expected the install video provided is extremely helpful! it was very tedious. but many hours later and done it shifts like a dream. the car drives way smoother and the shifts feel way better 🙌
important tools needed
snapring players
and a punch I think #8
the worst part was safty jacking up my wrx to crawl underneath 🤣

GT350/R Shift Knob

LOVE IT, but the color is different than orange fury. I'm Gunna order another color.

Custom engraved shift knob

Couldn't be more happy with the shift knob. The custom engraving looks awesome and the powder coating tops it all off. Customer service was great giving me step by step instructions. Highly recommend if your looking for a high quality shift knob.

GT350/R Shift Knob
Lee Whittier
Looks great!

Very comfortable for slinging gears.

Amazing product

Love the look, fitment is great, great quality. Would definitely get another set and recommend.

GTI Plaid Shift Boot
Trevor Shay

GTI Plaid Shift Boot

Repeat business, always quality

This is the second shift knob I've gotten from them! I got a purple sphere, and now the long tear drop. I wish I went with the tear drop originally the extra weight feels amazing when shifting. Customer service is outstanding as always.

Great pruduct

This plate looks great and is made of high quality material I'm very pleases

Blue WRX

Really nice piece to add to any car. Nice work looks great. Price is a little high I think but nice piece non the less

Great product!

Love it! Weight is perfect and the engraving looks great!

GTI Plaid Shift Boot
Daniel Antonelli
Wishing for more star ratings lower then one.

Idk how people left 5 star reviews, they must be fake because this thing is the worst probably cost them 2 dollars to make and they’re selling it for a premium, doesn’t even really fit with the elastic band, don’t believe the fake reviews go elsewhere. Please go somewhere else and save your money because when you get this thing in the mail you’re gotta thing what is this trash. I wish I could put zero star. And idk how these guys are giving 4 star and 3 star reviews saying it didn’t fit and they had to change boot for it to even fit, that’s one star quality.


This is exactly what I was looking for in a short shift kit. High quality, looks sharp, shifts exactly how I wanted. Installation isn’t difficult, just tedious. Highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a quality shift kit for their WRX.

Fits perfect

Bought this for lightbulb fits perfect feels good in hand !

Cosmic Purple, Hybrid, Weighted

Typically, these types of designs are often tacky, however, this one is actually very subtle and nice to look at. The feel of the shifter has certainly improved, and even though it is more prone to being affected by the temperature outside since it is metal, it still feels like a vast improvement to the stock shifter that was old and a little too light for me. The bar was low since I needed to replace the old one, but this definitely was much better than I could have even hoped for!

It is a boot retainer!

This retained the boot very well! I will utilize this retainer for my future boot retaining adventures!

Short throw

So I actually bought this for my crosstrek but it’s all the same the install was super easy and quick especially with your install videos it feels great and is super notchy and short. It looks great especially with my subieflow carbon knob definitely recommend your product

Great shift knob set up

Ordered this knob along with the red boot retainer collar for my mk6 vw sportwagen. Very clean look. Comes with the thread adapter for non threaded vw shifters. Nice weight and smooth shifts with it

Highly recommend this collar

If you've got a vw and you're adding a billetworkz knob, you need this. It makes the knob flow seamlessly and so clean!


Love the feel of it you can instantly notice the difference and well worth it


Shifter kit is well made. Cleaned up half the slop and throw as advertised. 🔧🔧🔧 /10 on difficulty. A lot of steps as excepted. I did not have a lift and it would have made everything a little bit easier 😅.
Conclusion: would buy again. Find a friend with a lift. Take pictures of cable orientation. Take pictures of the shifter assembly when you pull out the reverse lock out section where there is a tensioner spring. Not sure on correct terms but it will help when you have to put it back together.

Great kit

Solid construction made a big difference in shifting much fast cleaner shifts


I had some shift knobs from an Frs that I wanted on my 22 Brz. If you don’t know, the 22 Brz has a thicker reverse lockout meaning older shiftknobs with old style recess for the reverse lockout won’t fit.

I slapped this billetworkz 22 Brz Reverse lockout adaptor and threw on my Up Garage shift knob. Works like a charm and barely added height to the shifter.

The actual product itself was flawless and well made.