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Mach Knob

The perfect shift knob for me, it feels just right in my hand. I can feel the weight of it when I shift through the gears. I recommend any manual shift drivers to order one of these weighted knobs.

Great shift knob

What an awesome weighted shift knob!!!
It was so great my son also bought one!

Subaru Auto CVT Adaptor
Dalton Wagman

Subaru Auto CVT Adaptor

Love the weight

Very well made. Looks amazing on my s2000

"WRX" Plate Delete
Joshua Turk
Great quality

Good quality! The screws they send with it though suck. I used a different size screw and it works a lot better!

Wish I came here first

I have tried numerous shift knobs and multiple height variations. Wish I would have tried this extension first, would have saved me a lot of money in knobs. I have the factory short throw shifter, with Group N rear mount and Kartboy front mount. I have paired the assembly with the optional factory delrin knob and 2" extension and wow. You get the crisp shifts still while have that bit more leverage. Something often overlooked, but I am 6'3" and I need to sit further back. You need that extra reach on the shifter but you don't want too much extra that makes it feel like shifting mush. This 2" extension bridges that gap beautifully.

Didn’t work

So the lockout from you is different than the one I took out. The other one is taller (see picture)
Not sure why so different but I could not use it.

Way shorter

Great short shifter install wasn’t hard at all, besides the shifter plate was a little bit of a pain because of getting the cover off. Also the bushing I got sent didn’t quite fit the greatest and I asked to be sent a new one but that never happened. Oh well just got a bushing from somewhere else.

The Fusion - Weighted - Corolla GR/E210 Fitment


Love the knob went with weighted hybrid
Quality hardware for installation easy to install and excellent knob

GR86 short shifter

Great product! Easy install and great feeling shifter! Love it

Great Knob

I disliked the stock knob I felt it was a touch too small and definitely way too light. Found this heavy boi and decided to give it a whirl. Install was simple and I have no complaints. Feels like there's a little less vibration and general unpleasantness compared to stock. I'm sure it'll be a great match with the short shift kit

E-Brake Handle - Subaru
James Schmuckie
Button doesn't screw down enough

It looks good but doesn't always engage, don't know if it's because the button won't screw all tbe way in or what...disappointed

Great quality and feel

This shift knob has great weight and feel. I have it paired with a Perrin Super Shift and it’s significantly better than stock. Might even stop here as far as shifter upgrades.

Shift off reverse, lockout, custom shift boot

I love the way it feels good solid product easy to install. You might have to cut the shift boot like that. It goes easier on the clips but once you do that, it’s a very simple install. You just have to takeoff the plastic around the shift boot to pop it off, then you start removing the reverse lock out at the bottom I recommend getting a flat head and a small little knife to takeoff the plastic tab that connects to the reverse lockout and then you’ll be able to take off the reverse lockout add to takeoff the shift knob you just twist off and then repeat the process to install the new one. It’s pretty simple but if you have a focus ST and you get a shift boot, make sure you cut small little holes like that. It’s a cleaner install when you install it to the clips because you will receive the shift boot and it won’t have any space or holes to line up with the clips. If you try to install it how it comes you have more problems and headaches so it’s not gonna damage the shift boot at all super bad that people are going to see it because it’s going to be hidden in between the clips so just cut a good enough holes like that the clips go in more smoothly. other than that it’s a simple install and I love the product

Great product

Love it, great quality fast shipping perfect fit

Looks great, installs okay

Excellent appearance from the top. Installation could use refinement, and the bottom flange isn't long enough to cover the shaft above the reverse lockout properly.

Bang for you buck!

Installing this was a bit of a pain but completely worth it!!! I love how much it shortens and stiffens every so I’m so glad I got this and highly recommend this mod as it makes driving so much more enjoyable!!

Climate covers

5 star great quality. Better than Amazon covers


Great material and easy to install love the product

Great feel on GR Corolla

The GRC's stock knob is super light. I liked the feel of the shifter but experimented with some old weighted knobs I had and decided it felt better with some weight. I wanted something with an OEM look and this fit the bill. My only concern is how the powder coat is going to hold up long term, especially around the laser-etched details on top. Not a blemish in 500 miles of driving yet.

Candy bronze short teardrop

Awesome shift knob. Heavier than stock 22 WRX . Shifts smoother and more solid. Beautiful finish. Quality control 10/10

Room for improvement

Out of the box, everything is nicely machined and anodized, but putting a knob on immediately shows some things that could be improved upon. Sure, I'm not using a Billetworkz knob, so that's my problem... Except a minor tweak would take care of this and make this adapter near universal. For reference, the knob used was an OE WRX knob, which I'd have expected to be the most likely of non Billetworkz knobs to work if anything did. Of course, I can't say the product is horrid due to lack of knob compatibility. But again, a minor tweak would prevent the need to be overly cautious when installing a knob. Out of the box, the setscrew was ridiculously tight, and installing a knob showed why. The whole threaded aluminum piece and the setscrew will come off in your knob if not tightened sufficiently, and they're an absolute pain to get back out.

Had the threads been made longer (more akin to the short shifters) and jam nutted for height adjustment, rather than use the big aluminum block used as a coupler nut between the body and a setscrew, shallower lockout recesses would work fine, other knobs would drop right on, and you'd actually gain a bunch of height adjustment along the way. The multi-piece mess lodged inside your knob wouldn't have a chance of happening either.

The lockout ring setup is absolutely nicer than the lift to release configuration used by most others for the DSG application, and as I said, the part is nicely made. Unfortunately, I think the design itself could use a bit of improvement to be as great as it really should be and unfortunately, none of that is really obvious until you've handled one of these in person.

Also, I didn't get the flat lock zip tie mentioned in the install instructions, which prevents a clean install without tracking down a replacement/alternative.

Exactly what I ordered

Honestly the product fits great on my ‘18 st and is amazing. It has a great weight to it and makes throwing gears so much smoother hands down love it. I couldn’t expect anything more than what was delivered and it looks immaculate.

Shifter cvt

I love my bitterworkz whiter and reverse lockout. So easy to install. Looking forward to adding more from this company