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Midnight Vision


Everyone that makes their annual pilgrimage to the Las Vegas Convention Center during the annual SEMA event knows they’ll be greeted with a mixed bag of eye candy. From high-level performance craftsmanship to builds incredibly focused on every minute detail. Then there are the neck-breakers pieced together with the intent of hearing the “ooh's and ahh’s” from spectators. Billetworkz was proud to feature its very own Porsche 1976 911 build this year in the Toyo Treadpass booth - so we’ll let you determine what category it fits into.


Austin’s vision for a Subaru-powered 911 was transformed by a dream team of builders. A multi-year-long project that he embarked on since the time of purchase in 2018 as just a roller from a friend. To help start his vision, he sought the help of renowned vehicle artist, JONSIBAL and award-winning SEMA veteran Mike Heim with Quality Custom Rides. At first glance, you’re instantly captivated by its Midnight Purple 3 paint, adapted 911 Turbo Fenders, and TBK bumpers easily making you stick around for an extended stay as you drink in its finer points. Get down to the masterful details and you quickly realize with Austin this isn’t his first SEMA build (spoilers: it isn’t).

The World Is Still Flat

With such a long involvement in the Subaru community, it’s no question that the only proper way to do this engine swap was with a Subaru motor to fit perfectly in the chassis of the 911. After all, Billetworkz was founded in 2014 to fuel the passion of the car community to improve their options for customization and performance. Keeping with the flat-six the Germans covet, it was only proper to replace the meager 150 hp factory air-cooled motor.

With the collaboration between Austin, Mike, and Jon, this 911 was on track to undergo major surgery on an open canvas for these mad scientists. At Quality Custom Rides they’re fully equipped to handle this type of procedure. The goal was to put together a one-of-a-kind Porsche that would hold its own against the very best in the world. A unique blend of backdating as a nod to the Mid-Night Club’s legendary Blackbird 930 mashed up with a modern approach to power production and engine management, and a bit of German-JDM spice. A formula used before but certainly not at this level.


When it came to building an engine for the Billetworkz 911, IAG Performance stepped in to do what they do best with an EJ-Series 900 Long Block (Magnum Short Block, Stage 4 Heads, 14mm Studs, Fire-Lock Head Gaskets), tuned on a Link ECU by John Kerr J-K Tuning. 5-Speed WRX transmission built with Subaru Gears reverse ring and pinion and PPG gears, built by Andrew Yates Automotive. Utilizing iWire engine/ECU harness and Ron Francis Wiring chassis harness. To provide everyone’s favorite whoosh, a Garrett - Advanced Motion G30-660 Turbo was added and complimented by the fueling masterminds at Radium Engineering. To tie it all together, the precision welding was done by Never Lift Auto Fab LLC and Vibrant Performance titanium piping and intercooler. The ultimate compliment to any build is a proper interior, with Billetworkz Purple Cosmic Space Tall Teardrop and interior done by Exact Art, interior meant to be simple and clean, leather/Alcantara, purple stitching, color filled laser engraved Porsche logo in headrests.

Finally, it sits on Toyo R888R paired with Work Meister M1 wheels, 18x9 front, 18x11 rear, Brembo Big Brake Kit, Dress Up Bolts titanium hardware, Carbon Fiber Element rear wing insert, and radiator duct. With all that said and done, I think the photos will drive home the passion behind the build, which went on to the Top 10 SEMA Battle of the Builds in the Import Performance class.

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The time at SEMA was an absolute memorable experience, especially with the dedication put into this build. Want to walk with us through SEMA? Check out the SEMA Recap: 2022 Battle of the Builders blog post to hear how each day progressed with getting the 911 ready for Battle of The Builders.

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