Custom Engraved - Weighted Knobs

All engravings on weighted knobs will be silver. Please refer to the logo chart to find your engraving. Pictures of knobs are only shown as a reference for color.

Logos will be engraved under the shift pattern. If N/A is selected for shift pattern, the selected logo will be engraved large across the top.

Velocity, Ring-Land, and Heartbeat Shift Patterns cannot be engraved with a logo. When purchasing Velocity, Ring-Land, or Heartbeat pattern, N/A must be selected for logo. If a logo is still selected, it will NOT be engraved.

Logos in column D, E, and F CANNOT be engraved with a shift pattern. If a shift pattern is selected with a logo from column D, E, or F, ONLY the logo will be engraved.

Please allow for approx. 1-2 weeks for custom orders to be completed. Depending on inventory of color chosen, most custom orders may ship within a couple business days, while some may take longer than 2 weeks to ship. 1-2 weeks is only a rough estimate.

Custom shift knob sales are final. No refunds or exchanges available.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 315 reviews
Great product!

I love the gear shift knob. It has a nice weight to it and it’s absolutely professionally done. A+ product!

Luciano Vela
lightbulb style shift know Veloster N

Easy installation and improved weight feeling when shifting. Also the materials and color (light blue) show to be of top quality. For installation I used kdm station youtube video and synergy media.

Elantra N custom shift knob

Very good quality product the has a great weight to it and gives the interior a superior look

Paul Nowak
Great Shift Knob!

Custom engraved weighted shift know with "TSI" Engraved below the engraved shift pattern. Billet aluminum feels really nice in the hands. Plus it compliments my shirt shifter. The Candy Red is really eye catching! The beanie keeps the shift knob warm in colder weather! 👍 I will be ordering another shift knob really soon. 😎👍

Brandon Yang
Custom engraved shift knob was awesome

This was everything I expected, and a great gift!