Blue Cosmic Space - 6 Speed Evil M Jail-Prison

These custom anodized shift knobs are truly one-of-a-kind. Each shift knob is polished to a mirror finish before anodizing. During the anodizing process, all color combinations are done by hand using an intensive technique. The anodizing process builds a strong layer making the shift knobs extremely durable and scratch resistant.

Shift patterns and logos are permanently marked using a laser engraver.

All Mazda shift knobs include 10x1.25mm threads for proper fitment.

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Sphere: 175 grams
Lightbulb: 200 grams
Short Teardrop: 200 grams
Tall Teardrop: 250 grams
Piston: 175 grams
Sledge: 350 grams

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Customer Reviews

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Keith Paul

The knob is the tits. Definitely very well made. They give u a bolt that threads onto the shaft that the knob threads onto and a keeper nut with it. Those feel like garbage. Getting the knob to line up correctly is pretty hard to do. I ended up tossing the keeper nut and just tightened it on as tight as I could and it lined up perfectly. Took about 2 months to get. When I contacted them they were very fast to respond and definitely made me feel like they were trying their best to get it done for me. All this during a pandemic so I didint worry too much about the wait time. Would give 5 stars but considering it's custom made I don't see why they couldn't have just tapped the knob to screw onto the shaft without the other pot metal feeling nutts. Over all still very satisfied and would recommend. Thank you again