Blue Cosmic Space - 6 Speed Velocity (Reverse Left-Up)

These custom anodized shift knobs are truly one-of-a-kind. Each shift knob is polished to a mirror finish before anodizing. During the anodizing process, all color combinations are done by hand using an intensive technique. The anodizing process builds a strong layer making the shift knobs extremely durable and scratch resistant.

Shift patterns and logos are permanently marked using a laser engraver.

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Sphere: 175 grams

Lightbulb: 200 grams

Short Teardrop: 200 grams

Tall Teardrop: 250 grams

Piston: 175 grams

Sledge: 350 grams

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Customer Reviews

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Bryce Yoshijima
Blue cosmic hybrid for bmw

Was my first order from billetworkz company and I love there shift knobs so damn much I have bought two more L.O.L!!! N I’m waiting on my last order all custom and can’t wait fell in love with this company after this order

Philip Campbell
Blue Cosmic Space for Veloster N

Just put on the Blue Cosmic Space short teardrop with the Veloster N adaptor.

The knob looks so cool in the car, especially when the sun hits it. The weight and the way the knob feels is really nice too, totally different feeling when rowing through the gears compared to the stock knob.

Highly recommend one of these

Johnny Aguilar
It's really cool!

It feels great and is so cool, I love it couldn't be happier. Gives it a sportish look and it makes it feel sporter too!