Gloss White Weighted - No Engraving - 6 Speed WRX Fitment

All 6-Speed WRX Shift Knobs are designed to replace the oem shift knob and to have full reverse lockout functionality.

Heavy-weight shift knobs allow for smooth and effortless shifting. Each knob is CNC machined, properly cleaned, and powdercoated.

Shift patterns and logos are permanently marked using a laser engraver.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Sphere: 450 grams
Lightbulb: 500 grams
Short Teardrop: 450 grams
Tall Teardrop: 650 grams
Piston: 475 grams
Sledge: 1000 grams

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Charles Valeriano
Awesome Shift knob

Great feel when shifting, the powder-coat is smooth and glossy and it doesnt get as hot compared to my old stainless steel knob , weight is just right . Theres no worries putting on an engraveless and never have to worry about gate pattern orientation. Worth it

It’s perfect!

Perfect weight and it fits well. It took me 4 shift knobs to find the right one for me, no regrets.

Best shift knob available

My 2020 WRX with performance package came with an optional $120 STI shift knob from the factory.

So there was no comparable, quality shift knob that was worth replacing it.

Then I saw one of these heavily counterweighted CNC ball type shift knobs from billetworkz.

They looked good. So I bought one without engraving. It looks clean in the car, extremely high quality when installed.

It feels an amazing when shifting. Really easy to grab. Doesn’t come loose or break off. It reminds me of my GReddy counterweight shift knob in my S13 from the old days.

The white coloring and the fact that it’s metal made me though my hand would burn after leaving the car in the sun. It doesn’t even get hot at all!

I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase. I kind of wish I tried out getting a different color, because these are so good. It definitely looks nice with the red Recaro seats.

Brian Makris
Looks great, feels great and easy to install

It has a great weight to it and it feels really nice shifting. I tried the sledge and I liked the weight, but for me the shape wasn’t as nice as the tall teardrop. The guys at Billetworkz are great to work with and make things easy. I can’t recommend enough.

Awesome Shift Knob!

The quality of the shift knob is top-notch! Love the added weight to it! Shipping was fast as well! Definitely recommend this product to anyone that wants a weighted shift knob!