Short Shifter Kit - 2015+ WRX - Build Your Own

Build your own 2015+ WRX Short Shifter Kit here!

If you already have certain short shifter components installed in your 2015+ WRX and are looking to finish your shifter upgrades, you can choose which items you specifically need!

If you're looking for the entire kit, you can purchase here.

Choose from our:

  • Short Throw Shifter
  • Shifter Stop
  • Shifter Plate
  • Shifter Bushing

Our Short Throw Shifters reduce throw by ~35%. Our Shifter Plates reduce throw by ~30%. When the two are combined, throw is reduced by ~55%.

Purchase the Shifter Stop to compliment the Short Throw Shifter and purchase the Shifter Bushing to compliment the Shifter Plate.

Short Throw Shifter:

  • Our Short Shifter features the shortest shifts compared to all other 2015+ WRX Short Shifters on the market. We also designed our Short Shifter to be more comfortable and ergonomic than others (no hitting your hand on the e-brake handle when shifting into second). The included Reverse Lockout is CNC machined from 6061 and anodized for a vibrant and durable finish. The Shifter Rod is machined from 304 SS. SS Hardware is included. We also include o-rings in the reverse lockout assembly to eliminate rattle (o-rings will need to be lubricated, we recommend 3-in-1 oil.

Shifter Stop:

  • Our Shifter Stop is designed to significantly reduce the amount of slop when in 1st and 2nd gear by limiting (or stopping) the lateral movement. When adjusted correctly, 1st and 2nd gear can be easily engaged with a very precise feel.

Shifter Plate:

  • The Billetworkz Short Shifter Transmission Plate replaces the factory shifter plate, but reduces the shift throw by changing the pivot points. Our short shifter plate is designed to be slightly heavier than the factory shifter plate (without being too heavy) to offset the shorter throw. (935 grams)

Shifter Bushing:

  • Our Shifter Bushing is designed to replace the factory rubber bushing located in the shift cable that mounts to the transmission shifter plate. Replacing the OEM rubber bushing with our brass Shifter Bushing will reduce shifter slop and proved and very positive shifts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joshua Cole
2015+ subaru wrx Short throw shifter kit with 3in extender and shift knob

Ordered the entire kit..the shifter the plate and a 3in extender with a shift knob
..the extender was only because I'm taller and don't like reaching so low from the short throw being very very short lol but it doesn't lengthen the throw and if anything makes it even easier to shift because now I have more leverage...all in all the shifter and plate made a huge difference over the stock oem short throw for the 15+wrx...but after I also added the weighted shift knob and the extender...holy I dnt even have to try to get into 1st gear it slides in like butter...used to be I couldn't always manage to get into 1st unless I went into 2nd then into 1st but now; now it doesn't matter....still engaging feeling but yet so smooth..and the colors are amazing as well....10/10 would recommend...

Installed it myself in my driveway...took all day cuz the pin doesn't like to come out..also needed a stronger drill thst could handle the torqued bolts ok the transmission support brackets but otherwise pretty smooth.


I have the OEM short throw shifter and the throw was still a bit too long. Picked up the shifter plate and bushing from Billetworkz. Now it is perfect. Throws are crisp and short. Not any more difficult to get into gear at all. I have purchased several items from Billetworkz now. Every product has superior craftsmanship and quality. Thank you Billetworkz.