Shift Knob Beanie - Black with Billetworkz Logo

Protect your shift knob with a Billetworkz Shift Knob Beanie!

Does your shift knob reach excessive temperatures on hot summer or cold winter days? While metal shift knobs are a great choice for custom colors and heavy weights, they tend to adapt to the surrounding temperatures. Our Shift Knob Beanie will protect your hand from those excessive temperatures and make for happier shifting!

Designed to fit our:

  • Sphere
  • Lightbulb
  • Short Teardrop
  • Tall Teardrop (Only covers the top half of the knob)
  • Piston
  • Will not fit Sledge or Hybrid

Will also fit other 2" diameter (or smaller) shift knobs.

Made from high quality neoprene.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Richard sirjoosingh

Great product.

F Thomas Kahler

Unfortunately my shift knob was 2.2 inches so it doesn’t fit. Difficult to tell when measuring. So I used it on my Baja shifter. I like it.

I love the idea

I love the idea of this shift knob beanie, however I wouldn't suggest getting it if you get a shift knob that is tear drop shaped. It says it will fit a tear drop shape but it's impossible to get on the shift knob. The top of the shift knob is way bigger than the opening for the shift boot beanie. I love the beanie but can't use it.

Aaron Levy
It’s rad.

So for context l’m in San Antonio TX where it gets stupid hot in the summer and I have a white lightbulb shift knob. The beanie helps for sure (albeit it’s a real snug fit at first) but there’s only so much it can do because it’s just dummy hot some days and nothing can stop the onslaught of heat. Unless billetworkz makes a beanie that you can fill with ice and dreams, this is your best bet. But it works and it’s rad.

Parker Johnson
Great Upgrade for a Low Price

I’ve always been a fan of BW knobs, this is my 5th one, and I’m absolutely as satisfied as possible. Do yourself the favor and buy one, it’s worth it.