Candy Orange Weighted - Subaru Auto CVT Fitment

All Subaru Auto CVT Shift Knobs are designed to replace the oem shift knob. 

We designed a lockout system to replace the integrated factory shift knob button. This lockout system is superior by keeping the shift knob in a fixed position, rather than having to lift up on the shift knob to shift into gear like competitors (a safety concern and undesirable movement when manually shifting). Having the shift knob in a fixed position also eliminates annoying rattle. 

To engage reverse and drive, simply lift up on the lockout to shift to the desired gear. The spring loaded lockout will return to position to eliminate accidental movement.

Heavy-weight shift knobs allow for smooth and effortless shifting. Each knob is CNC machined, properly cleaned, and powdercoated for a durable finish.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Sphere: 450 grams
Lightbulb: 500 grams
Short Teardrop: 450 grams
Tall Teardrop: 650 grams
Piston: 475 grams
Sledge: 1000 grams

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Customer Reviews

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Emily Holcombe
So beautiful

Chose the orange for my 2021 subaru crosstrek since it has the orange stitching in the interior it has become my accent color cant wait to install it.