Short Shifter - 2015-22 WRX/18+ Crosstrek - Blue Cosmic Space

Introducing our new 2015+ WRX Short Throw Shifter! Reducing throw by 35%!

Our Short Shifter features the shortest shifts compared to all other 2015+ WRX Short Shifters on the market. We also designed our Short Shifter to be more comfortable and ergonomic than others (no hitting your hand on the e-brake handle when shifting into second).

The included Reverse Lockout is CNC machined from 6061 and anodized for a vibrant and durable finish. The Shifter Rod is machined from 304 SS. SS Hardware is included. We also include o-rings in the reverse lockout assembly to eliminate rattle (o-rings will need to be lubricated, we recommend 3-in-1 oil.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Pair with our Shifter Plate for 55% shorter shifts! Or purchase our entire 2015+ WRX Shifter Kit for the best driving experience!

  • Fits all 15+ WRX, even with with STI Short Throw.
  • Fits 18+ Crosstrek manual
  • Will NOT fit STI.

Customer Reviews

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John Guevara
2021 6MT Crosstrek

Yes! The Short Shifter, Shifter Plate, Shift Stop, and Shifter Bushing for the 2015+ WRX Kit all fit perfectly into the 2nd generation Crosstrek!

Install was a breeze, with no issues and was able to complete it in my garage with a set of ramps and chock blocks (with a 2” lift) though it is very important to have the proper tools such as, the snap ring pliers and a punch. You can get away with using needle nose pliers on the snap ring. But with out a punch, the Short Shifter and Shifter plate will be impossible. The install video that Billetworkz provided on YT, applies almost perfectly to the Crosstrek. The only slight difference is the removal of the center console. But seriously, overall one of the smoothest installs I’ve completed.

Now, the review on the entire kit itself.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I now again have that short throw, and notchy mechanical feel as I have and love in my older cars. For reference it feels comparable to my S2000’s (OEM) shift throws now. Which is insane to think about! I have this kit paired up with the Billetworkz Extension and Shift Knob, and even with that the throws are shorter compared to OEM.

All of the slop going into 1st and 2nd is virtually nonexistent now! The only amount of give I get is going into 5th. Due to the factory shift stop/reverse lock out stop. Naturally it can’t be angled to suit both 5th and 6th to be solid. But in 6th gear you will be able to fine tune it, making it solid. Makes me wonder if Billetworkz will be planning to make one for the other side, and if they do, I’m definitely getting it!

Over all the craftsmanship, attention to detail, in their products is stellar! And being quick to ship is the cherry on top!