Shift Knob Beanie - Black with 6-Speed RLU Shift Pattern

Protect your shift knob with a Billetworkz Shift Knob Beanie!

Does your shift knob reach excessive temperatures on hot summer or cold winter days? While metal shift knobs are a great choice for custom colors and heavy weights, they tend to adapt to the surrounding temperatures. Our Shift Knob Beanie will protect your hand from those excessive temperatures and make for happier shifting!

Designed to fit our:

  • Sphere
  • Lightbulb
  • Short Teardrop
  • Tall Teardrop (Only covers the top half of the knob)
  • Piston
  • Will not fit Sledge or Hybrid

Will also fit other 2" diameter (or smaller) shift knobs.

Made from high quality neoprene.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dillon M.
Too small for teardrop

Couldn't get it on the teardrop shaped knob

Scott M.
Perfect for those temperamental days

When you have a BilletWorkz branded shifter knob you will want to show it off. Most of the time you probably will not need this knob cover, but during those hot summer days a metal shift knob is going to get warm.

Instead of manning up and cooking your hand, or using a random sock/discarded COVID mask for protection, you could purchase this knob cover to protect your hands against the elements.

It looks good, is easily removable, and is cheap.

I personally would rate this a 10/10 purchase, if your outside vehicle experience temperatures above 80F (27C) for any length of time you are going to want this item.

To address David's review, yes it does rotate around after donning it, but this does not effect the operation of the shift knob. You can always re-center the cover if necessary.

Great idea but very hard to get on the knob. Moves around once one. Looks good.

Great idea but very hard to get on the knob. Moves around once on.