Purple Cosmic Space - 6 Speed Japanese Engraving - Mazda Fitment

All Mazda Shift Knobs are designed to replace the oem shift knob. Thread pattern: 10x1.25mm.

These custom anodized shift knobs are truly one-of-a-kind. Each shift knob is polished to a mirror finish before anodizing. During the anodizing process, all color combinations are done by hand using an intensive technique. The anodizing process builds a strong layer making the shift knobs extremely durable and scratch resistant.

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Shift patterns and logos are permanently marked using a laser engraver.

Sphere: 175 grams
Lightbulb: 200 grams
Short Teardrop: 200 grams
Tall Teardrop: 250 grams
Piston: 175 grams
Sledge: 350 grams
Hybrid: 500 grams (features a weighted stainless steel core)

Any shape ordered with ST/RS specific engravings, other than the Short Teardrop and Hybrid, CANNOT be returned or exchanged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Leah Burns
Very satisfied!

I got the piston shape for my mz3i and it looks/feels so good!! I definitely should have watched the installment video BEFORE I tried to do it myself... As other reviews have stated, be careful about branding yourself with a hot shifter during the summer LMAO

Roston Willis
Great quality. Would buy again.

I liked the knob a lot. It was slightly smaller than I expected, but still a great size. Looks exactly as described. This is not necessarily a negative, but keep in mind it gets very hot on sunny days. Maybe put something over it or a sun block in your windshield.