Gloss White Weighted - 6 Speed FR-S

Heavy-weight shift knobs allow for smooth and effortless shifting. Each knob is CNC machined, properly cleaned, and powdercoated.

Shift patterns and logos are permanently marked using a laser engraver.

All 6-Speed FR-S Shift Knobs are designed to function with the factory reverse lockout.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Sphere: 450 grams

Lightbulb: 500 grams

Short Teardrop: 450 grams

Tall Teardrop: 650 grams

Piston: 475 grams

Sledge: 1000 grams

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Perez
Billet works shifter and reverse lock out

Weighted shifter was great has an awesome feel the quality is definitely there. Huge improvement to the feel of my car compared to the stock shifter. Same thing for reverse lock out is awesome I opt out for a custom bronze color that isn’t pictured on the site but is a option to order and the quality and finish is real nice but the bronze isn’t as I had pictured it being it’s more darker than you would think for it being bronze most people who see it in my car thought it was brown or red-ish but it still looks amazing and wouldn’t go back on it I would still recommend getting these items and the finishes that are featured are great I just had a bronze theme going with my car and I probably should have included a color code for a bronze I had in mind 10/10 super happy and enjoying my purchase

Luis Campos
Fr-s lightbulb shift knob

Looks amazing, fantastic feel, and and has made shifting easier and increased the fun factor!!!